Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wrapping Up FWTFL Week 3 (with Weekend Workouts)

We've literally been living under our umbrellas for the past few days, but I haven't let that stop my motivation. I did change things up a little bit, but it's my workout and I have to make it work for me.

Lorna Jane tank (similar here)

Here's a look at my workouts this week:

Monday - Took my sprints and HIIT workout outside for my last sunny day workout.

Tuesday - Active rest day

Wednesday - Learned about strength training with Supersets

Thursday - Another training day at the gym. I think I'm becoming a gym rat.

Friday - My Bodystep instructor returned from Oz, so I took my speed burst workout to The Hit Room.

Saturday - Regular Calorie Day - Leg Day - the workout 

I started the day with a trip to the beach for a pre-arranged meet up of the Discovery Bay Ladies SUP group. Four of us braved the rain to participate in an upcoming local magazine article.

I usually SUP in my bathing suit, but the rainy weather had me in a normal Chi tank and Costa shorts. One of the ladies wears full coverage rash guard, wetsuit like gear so she won't get stung by jellies if she falls in the water.

Warm up - I was over the rain, so I looked up the at-home workout for the day. My warm-up consisted of me digging out the free weights, getting out my yoga mat, and that's it.

Strength training - It was leg day: squats, deadlifts, lunges, step-ups, calf raises. 4 sets of 12-15 reps. Plus FINISHERS - curtsey lunges, side lunge with squat, jump squats, jump lunges. 40 reps. Repeat ---> I did not repeat. This was one of those calls I have to make to keep my knee happy.

It sucks that I have to limit my workouts on one of the larger muscle groups, but I do. The old me would push through and finish the workout exactly as it's written. I would pressure myself to not quit because a leg workout burns a lot more fat calories than an arm workout. But then I would be out of commission for a couple of days with knee pain. I've learned to modify my workouts so that they work for me and be ok with that.

Sunday - low calorie day - active recovery - the workout

Warm up - For once it wasn't raining so we were able to walk to the fitness center. mrC had a strength training day and I tagged along.

Slow paced run - I chose to do the interval progression run today. It looks like this: 1 minute walk, 1 minute run, 2 minute walk, 2 minute run, 3 minute walk, 3 minute run, 4 minute walk, 4 minute run, 5 minute walk, 5 minute run. At the end, I was almost to a 5K, so I repeated the 5 minute run. 

I admit that the longer walk breaks were HARD! I've gotten used to my one minute recovery intervals, but I stayed focused on the goal of low intensity and keeping my heart rate in the fat burning zone. PS - I'm falling more in love with my Mizunos every time I run in them. Have you read my review?

Bonus - I tossed in a couple sets on the adductor machine because my inner thighs are nice and flabby. I'm hoping the use of the machine will supplement the leg day exercises.

Cool down - I did some stretching on the stretch machine. If you've never used the stretch machine at the gym, I highly recommend it. It looks like this one on Amazon. I don't have a lot of experience, but it made getting a really good stretch of my hamstrings, glutes, and quads so easy. I did not use heavy weight during my leg workout yesterday, but I was feeling the results of the high repetitions.

Regular calorie day - the meals

Broke fast at about 11 - 2 scrambled eggs with ham, gluten free pancakes, red grapes, and orange juice

Lunch - 3 turkey roll ups and microwave popcorn

Dinner - Buffalo chicken quinoa and green beans

Snack - mini YPP

Low calorie day - the meals

Broke fast at 11 - 2.5 scrambled eggs with ham, one PB&J rice cake and red grapes

Lunch - leftover buffalo chicken quinoa and green beans

Dinner - leftover buffalo chicken quinoa ---> it's THAT good! (recipe here)

How was your week?

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  1. I wish it would rain here. I've been in the mood for a good thunder storm. I had the chance to SUP while on vacation last week but it just slipped my mind cus we were so busy. I should have done it but I know it would have been challenging because the ocean was seeing lots of waves while we were there! -M

    1. The ocean is definitely harder for SUP than bays and coves! The location here is pretty mellow with usually only wake from the ferries causing some stressful moments.

  2. We actually had a crazy heat wave here and no rain at all. It's fun to mix it up sometimes and spend more time in the gym. Your SUP class looks fun

    1. You're right, it is fun to mix things up. And when the sun does come back, it will be super hot here! Our SUP group is fun. Makes it easy to meet up and paddle with a buddy.

  3. It has been super hot here for over a week, and then today it's rained all day long! I'm not complaining. It was a nice break from the heat. I love SUP!! That's cool that you're going to be in a magazine! I need to try that buffalo chicken quinoa. It sounds really good! I hope you have a great week!

    1. I'm in need of a break from the rain at this point! Let me know what you think of the recipe. We really love it!

  4. I love that Lorna Jane tank! I'm in CT and we had a heat wave this week and super duper humidity this weekend. It's been yucky, especially fro running!

    I love the stretch machine! I've never seen one in my gym but I probably just overlooked it. I'm going to look for it next time I'm there.

    1. I have my fingers crossed that we have great beach weather when we head back for our Cape vacation next week. I used the stretch machine again's seriously awesome!

  5. We got a lot of rain this week--the weather has been kind of crazy. Today the wind blew the humidity east and it was gorgeous, in the 70s. That's pretty nice!

    1. That sounds just heavenly! I'm hoping we get a break sometime soon. It's still raining!

  6. We had a lot of rain here Friday night (when I was out of town LOL). We were due for it!

    1. Ha! We're due for some sunshine! They do call this the rainy season though. I guess they weren't kidding!


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