Friday, June 2, 2017

Recovery Yoga and A Little Fashion Friday

My muscles must be growing because they're sore. At least that is what I told myself all day.

Enter yoga.

I swear every pose in flow yoga stretches something good. The best yoga videos are from Yoga with Adriene. If you do yoga and don't know her or are thinking about starting yoga, Google her.

After my second day of strength training, my arms and shoulders were really tight. By the time I finished the yoga video I was already feeling better. It's a perfect active recovery workout for low calorie days, too. Win, win.

Afterwards, we grabbed our passports and crossed the border for some shopping at Luohu Commercial City in Shenzhen. A friend referred me to a tailor who is making me copies of my favorite dress. The fun part was searching for the right fabric in the fabric market.

Speaking of fashion, I thought I'd share some of my recent favorite finds. Some are fitness gear, some are affiliate links (meaning I make a few cents if you click and/or make a purchase - no obligation!), and some are on my wish list.

Picked up this dress at J.Crew (can't wait to wear it at the Cape), a couple of these super soft drapey tanks (on the hanger in the photo below) and put this tank on my wishlist (it's just so tropical).

And I think these espadrille slip-ons would be perfect with the dress or just about anything this summer.

I took mrC to Lululemon. One pair of workout shorts wasn't enough anymore. While he was shopping, I found this long sleeve top on sale for myself and picked up this new sports bra.

Low Calorie Day - the meals

Lunch - broke my fast around 11:30 at the Lee Yuen Restaurant. BBQ pork, fried rice, sweet & sour chicken and dim sum (for mrC).

Dinner - leftover quinoa and tuna

Snack - 4 turkey rollups

My macros were pretty good for the day, but I was hungry. I need to eat more fiber to feel full on low calorie days.

How often do you yoga?
Do you have a favorite clothing item you would copy?
Can you eat with chopsticks?

PS - I'm linking up with Nicole for the Fit & Fashionable Friday link-up 


  1. I yoga at the studio twice a week. And there's some yoga stretching I do at home.

    I think it would be so fun to shop in China! Do you get any deals on anything or are prices the same as here?

    1. I did yoga in China. It was quite interesting when the instructor only spoke Mandarin ;) Shopping at western name brand shops (like J.Crew and Lululemon) is the same, but in other Chinese shops you can find discontinued, made too much, mistakes (like wrong colors), and copies for great prices. So fun shopping in China!


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