Saturday, February 4, 2012

Twelve Fantabulous Miles & Winners

February 4 - This morning I had a fantabulous run. On the schedule was a twelve mile run for my half marathon training. My first of the year is in two weeks at the Hampton Half and my second is in May at the Cox Rhode Races. I met my training partner at the Executive Health Club near MHT at 8AM. She had the route since it was one she has run when training for marathons. Here's what it looked like afterwards:

Everything worked today. The route was mainly flat with just a couple of small, easy inclines. At about 30 degrees the weather was just right and even managed to puff out a few flurries for us. All of the sidewalks and paths were clear and open. Most importantly my legs were feeling good and loose. I love when my runs are nice and easy like this.

Do you ever wonder what causes a good run to happen? The weather? Your meals? The right frame of mind? Wouldn't it be great to know so that you could replicate it right before that BIG RACE?

I don't know what my combination was exactly, but I love weather like today in the 30s, my dinner last night was a pepperoni calzone with some wine (ok a lot of wine), and my mom surprised me by coming to visit from Cincinnati! Fantabulous!


Congratulations to the winners of the Simple Hydration Water Bottle Giveaway:

Tara Martin

Chuck Abbey

Please email me your mailing address information so I can get your bottles to you!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Simple Life: A Water Bottle Giveaway

January 31 - A couple of weeks ago I found the best running accessory. A Simple Hydration Water Bottle. I heard about this bottle from another runner, checked out the website, and ordered one.

Let me tell you why I love this water bottle.

I get thirsty when I run. Not gulping-water thirsty. Just need-to-wet-the-whistle thirsty. However, I do not like to carry things when I run or wear things around my waste.

This bottle is perfect because of its shape.

It is made to rest in the small of your back and hooks onto the waste band. If you run with a belt, it will also hook onto that. Holding 13 ounces of water, it is the perfect size and weight. Simple.

I have worn my water bottle with shorts, capris, and running pants. Initially, I had to tighten my waistbands to accommodate the water bottle weight and worried that it would feel awkward when I ran, but this was not the case. The bottle rests comfortably on my lower back and is light enough that I actually forget that it is back there. Simply wonderful.

This water bottle is so awesomely simple that my running partner, hubs, and stepson have all ordered their own after seeing mine.

I think you will love this bottle a much as I do. Simple Hydration has generously offered to let me give away TWO bottles on my blog.

Here is what you have to do to enter:

Take a funny running picture (it can be posed). Could be a shoe on the head, race numbers pinned all over, funny running pose - have fun and push the limits. Then post the photo on the Simple Hydration Facebook page. After posting try to get as many people to like your photo as possible. The winners will have the most likes. The deadline is 7AM EST February 4, 2012.

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Head over to Simple Hydration and tell me what you think!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Testing the Temps

January 30 - Unexpectedly, I found myself packing for a quick weekend trip to Orlando. Now I know the weather in New England has been pretty mild this winter, but who wouldn't be excited about visiting the sunshine state?

I took a quick peak at the forecast for Saturday morning before packing my running bag: 51 degrees. My scheduled run on Saturday would give me a chance to see how I felt running in temperatures that are pretty average for May in Providence, which is where I will be running my second half marathon of the year at the Cox Rhode Races.

Saturday morning after a quick breakfast of PB&J toast at the hotel, hubs and I headed toward the Airport Lakes Park that the concierge recommended. It was a picture perfect day to run. Sun, sun and more sun.  

The run to the park was much shorter than we expected and it was smaller than we hoped, so we decided to follow the sidewalks. We ended up looping around the hotel before trying inside the park. Duh. There we found a nice, though short, running trail. At one point it led out to a small lake.

Since we didn't really know the area (and hubs was only running 4 with me) we decided that to be safe I should stick to the immediate area around the hotel. This was a combination of several other hotels as well as shops and restaurants. After 7 miles, I was done running what felt like circles. 

Admittedly, the warm weather did affect me. I was wearing a short sleeve running shirt, but could have easily worn a tank. When I get excited I also tend to run too fast, just like on race days. All things to remember for my half marathon in May. The best part was running on beautiful sidewalks and having water delivered. He's training for my halfathon, too!

Best hubs EVER!
After the run, we headed to the hotel pool. At 70 degrees, it wasn't warm enough for me to get in, but I did take a dip in the hot tub. You have to spoil yourself when you can, right?

Do you pack your running shoes on trips/vacations?

How do you spoil yourself after a run?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 30 Day Challenge

January 24 - A few weeks ago, I was reading a post by Kristy and learned about a challenge that would help me improve my running.

This seemed easy enough. So I vowed to do it. 

Then I saw a great video by Patrick Goudeau, a Nike Elite Fitness Trainer, that promised to boost metabolism and keep me in my skinny jeans. Another pledge.

Around the same time Fitness online sent me an email with a promise for 
Sensational Legs in Only 3 Moves. One more oath.

I decided to combine all three of these short and simple exercises into my own 30 Day Challenge. Each exercise takes only a few minutes to do and can add maximum benefits to my running through form, strength, and toning. 

And because I want legs like these:

Creating this personal challenge appeals to me because I'm the type of person who needs variety. My runs are never the same. Different distance. Different route. Different days

I also need direction. Focus. A goal

My 30DC gives me a perfect combination of everything I need. At the end of thirty days, I can create a whole new challenge. Beautiful.

Have you ever joined a 30 day challenge or made your own?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Warrior-ing

January 21 - It has been another fun week of winter running here in New England and half marathon training continues. It snowed a little Tuesday morning but that didn't stop hubs and I from getting out for another snowy run. We don't believe in shorts cuts around here. He ran with me for 1.5 before turning around to become photographer and leaving me to do the remaining 4.5. ON MY OWN. I hate running by myself and this run was a brutal reminder of how spoiled I have been for, oh, the last 10 months. No precipitation on Thursday's run, just bitterly cold wind gusts. Turns out I run pretty good when the sidewalks are clear.

Tuesday photos by hubs
Today my training partner and I met up at Runner's Alley, a local running store, to run with the Winter Warriors group. The store itself is a perfect little gem nestled downtown. We are always greeted by friendly and knowledgeable sales people and they have an excellent selection of running shoes, clothing, and gear.

I'd been hearing about the WW Runs but never attended mainly because we don't live that convenient to the store. Even so, I was interested in finding out for myself what the group runs were like. Here's a blurb from their newsletter:

It's Not Too Late to Be a Warrior!
Winter Warriors
You keep hearing about Winter Warrior runs, and since there are a lot of chilly months ahead of us, how about another friendly reminder on what WW is all about?
*Group Runs (all paces/levels): Thursdays at 6:00pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00am
*Throughout the winter, each store will host try-on nightsfrom different brands, plus raffles and other giveaways!
*Every time you come to a run, you get a point.
*Every time you bring a canned good, another point!
*25 or more points at the end of the season means you score some free gear with the Warrior branding. Suh-weet!
*Have we mentioned it's a blast? Yeah, it is...cuz that's how fun we are.... 

I arrived at the store 5 minutes before 8 and found about 15 other runners already inside getting ready mostly in small groups with little conversation. After figuring out where to sign in, someone announced that the run would be about 4 miles because of the snow. I have to admit that the irony of that statement made me smile a little inside.

So, we ran with the group for 4 miles, took a short break back at the store, then went on for another 6. Even though the group was a little tamer than I expected, today's run was a blast...from old man winter! I can now say that I have experienced the following: snow flakes in the eyes, snow covered face, icicles in my eyebrows and lashes, and possibly even some frozen snot (lovely). I also learned that if you buy a pair of snow cleats, they probably work better if you wear them.

Due North Traction Aids
Today, I also completed the Twitter Road Race 5K. I loved being able to print my own personalized bib! Not the easiest day to run a race, but I did the best I could in the snow!

Twitter Road Race 5K: 30:33

What kind of WARRIOR are you?

Did you run the Twitter Road Race? How did you do?