Monday, February 22, 2016

Best & Worst

Today I thought I'd give you a little best and worst parts of the day. Warning: I use these terms lightly and may be heavy on the best parts.

I did my yoga camp video even before having coffee this morning. I really love these daily sessions.  I'm beginning to have more faith in my practice because I don't have my eyes glued to the screen the whole time anymore. This pose from today was my favorite. When Adriene said "feel it in your core," I did!

Trying to bend forward was my least favorite moment. How did my body get so tight??? My goal is to slowly make some sort of progress on to do that? I have no idea.

Best and worst moments from my hike this morning. Best: hanging out with these ladies. Worst: it was muggy cold. Is that even possible?? I really dislike the feeling of damp air.

I love, love, love fresh fruit. Best: this delicious snack today. Worst: it was the last of the strawberries. 

mrC and I like to cook and eat at home, but we rarely pass up a dinner invitation. Best: good times with good friends. Worst: I can't think of one!!

"Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, marking the last day of Lunar New Year celebrations. And this year, the festival falls on Monday, Feb. 22. During Lantern Festival, people carry lanterns and solve riddles written on them." Best: I love fireworks. Worst: I do not love fireworks in the middle of the night.

Tell me one of your best/worst from today!

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