Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yoga Sunday on Lunar New Year's Eve

Happy Lunar New Year! (aka Chinese New Year but celebrated all over Asia)

Today I spent the day unexpectedly entertaining myself after mrC was called into work to start the plane and came back 7 hours later! A lot of things happen quickly in China (plumbing repairs, water delivery), but sometimes airplane parts get hung up in customs.

Sunday has become my rest day. I try to give my 45 (almost) year old body a break. Something I am just accepting and learning to do.

Today it was Yoga Sunday!

I have to admit that I feel pretty darn good after a session of yoga.

Tonight we are off to celebrate the Lunar New Year with friends. I expect to see lots of decorations and even more fireworks.

I know my US friends will be spending Sunday watching the Super Bowl. That's our plan for Monday morning!

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