Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Full Day and Full Body Workout

I could not get the China Internet to cooperate, so I missed my morning yoga session.

There was no time to dwell about it though. We hopped on the ferry and headed to Hong Kong for a little belated bday shopping!!

My bday gift from mrC!!! Of course the watch that I got had no charge...had to wait until we got back to the apartment to play with it.

Back at the apartment, I got in a full body afternoon workout. Abs, legs, arms.

3 minute Ninja abs. Still a favorite.

10 minute butt and thigh video. I'm liking this one.

Dirty Dozen interval style. 40 seconds work, 5 seconds rest. I did it this way since I have lighter weights, I could push the reps.

We made crockpot chicken for dinner and then went for an evening walk.

I can't wait to play with my watch!!!

What kind of sport/activity/running watch do you have?

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