Friday, February 19, 2016

Tabata Randomness

I'm an early riser. mrC is not. It's always worked out perfectly that while he sleeps, I get in some at-home workouts. For some reason, all the workouts I chose to do this morning were Tabata style.

I started with an oldie, but a goodie from Run to the Finish: 4 Minute Ninja Abs. This is one of my go-tos when I need a good ab session. (side note: the tag on my tank drove me crazy!)

I saw this one posted by Amanda Miller on Facebook: Goodbye Inner Thigh. This was my first time trying this one and I really liked it. If you don't already follow Amanda, you should because she shares great stuff.

All of my Tabata workouts are made easy with the use of my Gymboss Timer.  I love this thing. 

mrC and I made a pledge to take a walk every morning. After my indoor workouts, the cool air felt good as we strolled through our little garden courtyard. You can totally tell I'm a westerner by the to-go coffee I'm carrying. 

We investigated the deserted play/exercise area (which by-the-way is never empty) and found this awesome leg press.  Next time we walk I'm bringing a towel to wipe off the seat, so I can use it.

When we got back, mrC went to work and I dove into Yoga Camp. Somehow nearly two weeks have gone by since my last video class :( It felt good to follow Adriene through some flow today. 

I always take video of my yoga workout. First for the pics (this is a blog after all!) and second for the chance to assess my progress (I don't have a mirror). Like today, I can see that my "flat back" is not actually flat. This gives me something to think about and work on the next time. 

My brunch was inspired by this photo posted on Instagram. It's been weeks since I made a smoothie (the cold weather might have swayed that), but my new trend is healthy eating, so...

The rest of the day turned rainy, so it was a perfect time to hit up a local driver to take us to Metro (the European box store). They don't carry a huge amount of western products, but they usually have big bags of pre-washed salad and Tyson chicken breasts. Not today. 

I did find this great set of storage containers. Anyone who has ever lived in a high rise apartment in the city understands how easy it is to get bugs. We do whatever we can to prevent that.

TGIF fitness friends!

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