Thursday, May 5, 2016

3 Awesome Yoga Poses and Breaking Fast

Morning yoga. My muscles love an easy stretch session the day after a good workout.

There are lots of traditional (common) poses that feel good: downward facing dog, lunge pose, pigeon pose, even child's pose. 

Here are 3 poses that feel REALLY good to me in the morning, especially after a full body workout the day before:

Supine spinal twist: this feels so good after a leg and arm workout. It really opens up the chest muscles and stretches the glutes.

Revolved fan: another pose that feels good all over plus stretches another large leg muscle group. Those hamstrings.

One legged arcing dog: This pose can feel awkward, but I love the stretch I get in my quads and hip flexors. 

As a distraction, I walked to the chiropractor. In addition to getting an adjustment (including on my knee), I also picked up a new foam roller. My old one was deformed which is the number one sign it needs replaced.

More distractions = a stop at a flower market on the way back to the apartment.

What I ate on fast day

Breakfast: water, coffee

Lunch: water and herbal tea

Breaking Fast (aka dinner): leftover quinoa and tuna, Fuji apple, and pb banana protein bar
I'm so excited that I completed my fast this time and I wasn't miserable. It did help that a friend stopped by and stayed longer than expected right before time to eat. 

Macros: I think I did a good job selecting my break fast meal. Just over 300 calories and very filling!

What's your favorite non-traditional yoga pose?
If you fast, what is your favorite meal to eat when you break it?

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