Saturday, May 7, 2016

Getaway Essentials and Low Calorie Day

My Saturday started with the hardest plank ever. Have you tried this? I did 3 sets on each arm holding for 20(ish) seconds each time. This really is the #ultimateplankchallenge!!

I hit up the chiropractor for another adjustment. Whatever he's doing has helped my knee. Obviously it's an alignment issue. 

The rest of the day I focused on PACKING FOR BALI!!

mrC has a trip there and since the flights are so affordable from here, I'm meeting him for a couple of days. I love being able to experience new places. 

From my previous trips to Vietnam and Maldives, I've learned to pack the essentials for a quick getaway like this. 

Swimwear: I love doing mix and match options.

Fitness wear: again mix and match goes a long way. mrC packs my running shoes for me (super lucky)!

Everyday wear: light and simple options, but variety too. Tanks, short sleeves, and one long sleeve.

Dress: of course one dress is needed!

What I ate on low calorie day

Breakfast: eggs and pb&j rice cake

Lunch: turkey slices, pb&j rice cake, pb banana protein bar

Dinner: bbq chicken breast, green beans, sweet potato fries

Snack: watermelon (my favorite) and then I had an apple

Macros: still trying to figure out the carbs, but I was also dealing was limited supply since I'm headed out of town. 

Have you ever been to Bali??

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