Monday, May 2, 2016

Active Trigger Points, a Full Body Workout, and Regular Calories Day 2

After yesterday's workout, my problem knee was cranky. I think the cause is overuse of my quads. They've seen more squats and lunges this last week than in a long time. The overuse has activated the trigger points in my vastus medialis, probably because it's still a weak muscle.

I've had this happen before, so I know the self massage routine, (read about my pesky trigger point here) but this time I was also armed with peppermint essential oil. I rubbed it in and worked on my trigger points for about 5 minutes and then iced for about 20. I also found a great video with some vmo exercises. 

Fortunately, the knee pain didn't keep me from my full body dvd workout this morning. I replaced the high impact cardio portions with low impact alternatives and completed all the strength. I really liked it. The 45 minute workout looked like this: warm up, cardio, arms, cardio, legs, cardio, core, cardio, stretch. 

After the workout and some breakfast, we did some errands. My knee is still not happy when I walk, but I am totally happy with my linen dress from Gap. It was very comfortable and today it was near 85 degrees.

Regular calorie day 2 eats

Breakfast: protein pancakes, apple, coffee
I saw a picture of someone's protein pancakes online and woke up dreaming about them. So yea, pancakes (not dairy free...Greek yogurt). Soooo good.

Lunch: Kosmo toner smoothie, handful of grapes
We have been walking by this little healthy shop, Kosmo, for a year and were finally motivated to go in. The owner, "Alan" (he's Chinese) has been in Shekou for 15 years! He makes shakes, smoothies, and some food items. You can even buy protein in his shop. He modified the recipe to be dairy free: strawberries, soy milk, whey protein.

Dinner: chicken breast, green beans, water
I love a simple crock pot meal. Easy peasy and mrC cleans up!

While the chicken was in the crock pot, I decided to try a new recipe for peanut butter protein bars that I found on Run Eat Repeat.

Only I added two mashed bananas and 3/4 tbsp cinnamon Iike the recipe I already use (you can see it here). I could barely wait for them to cool off before having one. 

My calories and macros were pretty much on target today and other than my knee, it was a great day. I'm loving that I don't feel like I'm starving even though I'm eating less than I was a week ago.

Ever have active trigger points?

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