Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Tips for a Successful Fast Day

Fasting is a healthy activity. The benefits of a successful fasting experience include cleansing and restoring your body, weight loss, hunger awareness, and control over your eating.

Some people struggle to get through a 24 hour fast. Feelings of fatigue, crankiness, and let's be honest, hunger, often derail the attempt.

this is to mrC

Fasting takes willpower, but a few tips like these help me make it through.

I drink lots and lots of water. The more water I drink, the fuller I feel, and then I don't feel hungry. At least not dying hungry. 

I like to take a walk or do some other light activity when I would normally be eating. This morning I did my daily plank work and then took a walk. I took another walk around lunchtime.

When I start feeling hunger rumblings, I try to keep my mind busy. Personally I like to binge watch Netflix, but reading a good book is another good option. 

Breaking fast: shrimp spring rolls, bbq chicken breast, green beans, handful of peanuts
I didn't need the spring rolls, but they sounded so good and are not the worst thing for me to splurge on after a fast. Right? And the peanuts? I have a crunchy addiction.

Macros: Not horrible, but could have more carbs. Maybe I'll eat a couple of grapes, hehe.

How do you feel after a long fast (intentional or not)?

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